MIRA MIRA on the wall....who's the fairest of them all?

The winner....TechPoint, celebrating and recognizing the best technology companies in the state of Indiana.

My name is Chris Brown, Chief Financial Officer for hc1.com. As a first time writer, and this being my first blog post, there is no better way to start than sharing my experience at this year's TechPoint Mira Awards and what it meant to me to accept this award on behalf of our entire hc1.com Team.

I had the great pleasure of attending TechPoint's Mira Award Ceremony on Saturday, April 20th, led by TechPoint's President Mike Langellier. Mike has done an excellent job of dramatically improving the event and has certainly added some sizzle that I couldn't help but notice. A job well done to Mike and the TechPoint team for hosting a first class event!

TechPoint recognized hc1.com as one of Indiana's high-tech success stories and presented us with the award for "Health Information Technology Excellence & Innovation" based on the monumental impact of our healthcare CRM solution. I was truly honored to accept the award on behalf of our fantastic team who are all so talented and work so hard to deliver the hc1.com healthcare-specific platform to our customers.

Even more impressive was the incredible list of companies being recognized across 13 categories. There were 91 companies who were competing in these categories and I'm proud to say hc1.com was among the finalists with these prestigious companies. "We had the largest class of Mira Award finalists ever this year. It's a sign of the increasing activity and growth in the tech and entrepreneurial communities," explained Mike Langellier.

Feel free to continue reading about hc1.com's big night here, as words in just one blog post can't describe what this award means to the hc1.com Team and myself. For more information on the hc1.com healthcare-specific CRM and business intelligence solution, visit our website.

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