This past Monday evening, April 23rd, hosted out second annual exclusive dinner during the Executive War College in New Orleans. Executive War College (EWC) is a premier event that focuses on the innovation and forward-thinking for the laboratory and pathology groups. EWC is a "must attend" event, and is attended by executives across the nation - over 700 in attendance.

EWC Reception

For our dinner Monday evening, hosted over 100 guests where we had the chance to network and share best practices and look forward to the coming changes to the healthcare industry as a whole. During our dinner presentation, CEO Brad Bostic shared the vision of, and how we will truly begin to impact not only the healthcare system, but most importantly, the end patient. Here is an excerpt from his presentation entitled "The Future of Preventative Care":

The strategy boils down to a simple focus: empower the labs to help the providers to be more engaged with their patients. At the end of the day, the most successful way to treat people is to keep them from getting sick, and the labs hold the key to improving the health of millions of people around the world. is committed to paving a new road for preventable health from the lab to the patient.

Brad's presentation was very well received, and we had great engagement throughout the entire evening. The remaining time at the EWC conference has been equally as engaging with new emerging trends being presented, excellent case studies, and thought leadership.

Next year, will host an even larger dinner, and if you attend EWC we hope to see you there!

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