hc1.com was recently featured in the Cloud Computing Journal for its continued efforts in averting the current healthcare crisis. The article, titled "Health Care Cloud Computing saves Obama Care", spotlighted an interview between Xenia Von Wedel from SYS-CON Media and hc1.com CEO Brad Bostic. These two discussed how hc1.com is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare while reducing costs.

One of the many things highlighted in this article was the fact that hc1.com won the Top 100 North America Red Herring award because of it's unique outlook and approach to healthcare. The healthcare CRM and business intelligence solution was also recognized becuause it uses a cloud-based system, which proves to be unique when compared to the typical hardware and software systems used today.

The interview also discussed who hc1.com's target clients are. "Our clients include medical labs, radiology groups, physician practices, hospitals, and health systems," stated Bostic. hc1.com has been busy this year educating industry leaders and clients on healthcare CRM and business intelligence and how they can leverage this critical intelligence to better manage relationships between healthcare entities.

"hc1.com was built from the ground up to meet the unique care coordination and relationship management requirements of healthcare organizations. The service eliminates the communication and information management disconnects between healthcare organizations resulting in higher quality care at a lower cost," Bostic goes on to say.

You can go on to read the full interview here.

For more information on hc1.com, download this complimentary whitepaper.



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