As an executive of your independent laboratory or healthcare organization, one of your main focuses in on client service and retaining relationships. But what if you lose a client's business? On to the next one? Losing a client may be more expensive than you think, and the money you spend on gaining new clients could be staggering.

This infographic below depicts the impact of losing clients at various levels based on a $40 million lab:

The whole key to reversing this picture is identifying at-risk clients before it's too late. How is your lab currently accomplishing this? Once an at-risk client is identified, what happens from there?

The healthcare CRM and business intelligence cloud-based solution can partner with your laboratory or healthcare organization to answer these questions. It's more expensive for your business to gain new clients when compared to retaining current ones.

What exactly is healthcare CRM? How can healthcare management solutions help my business? Watch this 2-minute video to learn more.

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