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hc1.com would like to thank Evercore for selecting us as a presenter at this year’s Evercore Vertical Cloud Symposium. Our CEO and founder, Brad Bostic, was joined by COO Chris Brown at this invite-only event, speaking alongside some of the biggest names in the cloud market, including Salesforce.com, ICG Group, and Dealertrack Technologies.

The Evercore Vertical Cloud Symposium is an annual event that features top vertical cloud companies offering insight into the compelling value and importance of SaaS solutions designed to address industry-specific needs. Evercore, one of the leading independent investment banking advisory firms in the world, understands the importance of vertical cloud solutions, such as hc1.com, to expand the reach of technology into various markets that may still rely on manual, time-intensive processes.

The Evercore synopsis of the conference states:


[hc1.com,] which optimizes the way laboratories, radiology groups, and health systems manage their provider and patient experience across the continuum of care, was created in 2011 with the first products going to market in 2012; in that time, hc1.com's solutions have been adopted by more than 500 healthcare organizations. Brad Bostic, the company's CEO, noted that the move to 'accountable care' within the industry is helping drive interest in hc1.com's solutions. The company has roughly 2k subscribing users in an addressable market it estimates at $12.5 billion.

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About Evercore

Evercore is a premier independent investment banking advisory firm headquartered in New York City, with locations all over the world. Evercore believes in investment banking free from conflicts of interest, and strives to maintain the highest standards of excellence to better serve their diverse portfolio of clients and investors. Evercore handles more than $1.3 trillion in investment banking advisory services and almost $13 billion in investment management services.

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