St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital, a valued client of, was featured in a Dark Daily article on Monday, June 23rd. The article discusses St. Vincent's use of the® Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ to improve test utilization, LOS, and patient outcomes.

Because St. Vincent is an acute, long-term hospital, patients often remain in the hospital 30 days or longer. Troy Reiff, R.N., Executive Director of Operations for St. Vincent Seton, mentions how his patient base requires unique care:

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"Here we care for the sickest of the sick, and about 70%-75% of our patients are on Medicare. Before we acquired our electronic data management tools, our lab team tracked lab test ordering on spreadsheets. Once we began using sophisticated data tracking systems, we were able to improve care delivery more efficiently."

Reiff and his team utilize the Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ to gather information on providers' interactions with patients and diagnostic activities, and then convert that information into intelligence-rich profiles of all providers and patients. Having real-time access to this data allows the lab to enter into proactive conversations with directors, managers, and physician leaders throughout the hospital, according to Reiff. These conversations facilitate transparency and efficiency throughout the healthcare organization, which leads to tangible savings in both test volume and costs.

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"Following activation of's clinical intelligence system in 2012...our lab test volume declined by 6.88% per patient," said Reiff. "In addition, our lab costs per patient, per day went down 4.15% from 2012 through the first quarter of 2014."

The entire team at St. Vincent Seton now has the ability to use real-time data to improve patient care and drive down costs while maintaining quality. According to Dark Daily, the success of St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital demonstrates why the use of plays a significant role in helping independent laboratories and hospitals deliver more value to their parent organization, clinicians, and patients.

For more information on the partnership between and St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital, download the whitepaper!

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