A show that many of us, including myself, grew up watching threw in the towel earlier this year after 9 very funny and successful seasons. "The Office" was a show that provided comic relief to our everyday jobs, most that take place in an office setting. A setting that consists of water cooler talk and cold calls. Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) was the center of this comic chaos with his outrageous management techniques and shenanigans.


Healthcare leaders, have you ever experienced a "Michael Scott" during your time in this industry? Well, probably not, but maybe you or another healthcare executive you know has experienced some of these moments. What if this kind of character ran your laboratory? What if all of his departments - operations, service, and sales - were so disorganized and chaotic that if they lost a client's business they wouldn't even know it?

We realize this might be a stretch, but we have heard of it happening. The award winning hc1 cast and crew also had this thought of "What if?" and decided to take it to the next level. Here is our played out version of the world's most disorganized laboratory - fittingly titled "The Laboratory".


We know (or atleast hope) you haven't had moments like these in your laboratory. But we also know it can be challenging to keep tabs on every interaction outside and even inside the walls of your health organization. Healthcare Relationship Management, Healthcare CRM, Healthcare Business Intelligence - these are all areas hc1.com specialize in and can help your health organization, laboratory, or even radiology practice access a 360-degree view of all interactions across the continuum of care.

Want to know more? Or just interested in when our next blockbuster will be released? Contact us today.

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