In a recent article titled "Can Small Business Benefit From Business Intelligence Software" by Christina DesMarais from, she discusses the potential affects Business Intelligence can have on today’s small businesses. She states, "People have been looking at data to bolster business since the beginning of, well, business.” Business Intelligence will allow your company to take a more simplistic look at analyzing data.

In today's world, companies have a substantial amount of data to look at and Business Intelligence will help crunch that data into an easier to read format. With this, executives will make better decisions with more confidence. Furthermore, she states, "Business Intelligence (BI) systems reflect not only what has happened and what is happening, but also what will probably happen.”

With healthcare-specific Business Intelligence, this is what we call "actionable intelligence". Rather than waiting on reports that take weeks, maybe months, to compile, see the information you need now in real-time.

Christina states, "Newer generations of BI are showing real promise in terms of usability... collaborative decision-making, visualization, gamification and iterative scenario analysis.” This is an important aspect to many businesses, in short because they want to understand the function of the system they're using and have it save them time.

Does your health organization, laboratory, or radiology practice have hour-long meetings each week, maybe even everyday, to get everyone on the same page? With, imagine keeping tabs on all departments by tracking their activity and interactions all in one place, without having to spend time in meetings.

She then goes on to say, "There are self-serve solutions coming along which might be good fits for small businesses- these solutions are frequently based on SaaS or Cloud services.”

As a secure, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, enables your medical laboratory or radiology practice to create an online, 360-degree view of every provider- without incurring substantial configuration and personnel-related costs.

Business Intelligence is a smart way for many companies to gain insight into their data, and it allows for them to make the best possible decision for their company. Overall, Business Intelligence has proven to be a great fit for small businesses. I'm here to tell you healthcare-specific Business Intelligence is a great fit for your health organization. laboratory, or radiology practice.

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