There is no doubt that healthcare professionals universally recognize the critical importance of accurate lab testing. The idea that a patient receives the right test at the appropriate time and an accurate diagnosis promptly following that test is a fundamental part of patient care.

Yet according to a recent Institute of Medicine Study, over 50% of patients reported that information necessary to their care wasn't available when it was needed. And another 25% reported that their healthcare provider had to reorder tests in order to have accurate information for diagnosis.

So where is the breakdown occurring?

While healthcare organization have access to an abundance of patient data, this information is not unified, easy to access, or immediately actionable. It's spread across an andless array of systems - billing, LIS, RIS, financial, etc. - that create internal communication disconnects and a subpar patient experience.

What's the answer?

Your lab, radiology practice, or hospital needs to gain a 360-degree view of every provider - including all associated clinical and business activities - in order to deliver the highest, most accurate level of service to provider clients, in turn arming the provider with the knowledge necessary to deliver the highest level of patient care.

Find out how transforms an abundance of raw healthcare data into actionable, real-time client intelligence. Download our recent Case Study with client US Health Group.

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