What if you met someone in a coffee house, at a conference, or at an industry meeting that told you they could completely change your ability to get the information you need to make crucial business decisions in real time? What if you happen to be running a large organization facing threats from competitors, changing regulations, a struggling economy, and fickle customers? Assuming that the person delivering the message was credible, I’m guessing he or she would have your attention.

Now suppose you run a large laboratory and your new best friend tells you that you can not only gather information to make better decisions to manage your lab’s efficiency, but that you’ll have the type of info available at your fingertips that can make you a consultative resource for your customers? (We call it being sticky. This is a good thing.)

Your clients are busy clinicians with payers demanding that they spin patients through their offices at an ever-increasing pace. Your clients want to practice evidence-based medicine. They want information at their fingertips that can help them to make better treatment decisions…and they want it now. It’s not just a matter of getting results to your clients at a faster pace. It’s about adding value for your clients as well.

How can I use this cool tool to add value for my clients, you ask? Great question! I’ll leave the specifics to you since after all, that’s what they pay you for. I will give you a for instance though:

Pretend for a moment that you are a toxicology lab offering a compliance monitoring service to your physician customers. What if you could provide your biggest customer with a study that showed them trends in compliance for their practice over the course of the past year?

Well I’ll give you a sneak peak…you can begin to provide evidence for the importance of your service. And your physician customers can begin to make decisions about how they treat their patients that have the potential to greatly improve treatment outcomes.

You just added value for your physician customers. You just added value for your management team. I see Employee of the Year in someone’s future. You owe your new best friend a pat on the back for your extremely bright future.

Just a for instance. Theoretically speaking.

Now what if I told you that the hc1.com Business Intelligence solution can provide all of that and more? With hc1.com lab analytics you can:

     - Reduce cost

     - Improve efficiencies

     - Serve more customers, better, for life

I'll take that pat on the back now...

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