In my last post, I introduced some of the most pressing challenges labs are experiencing across the country. Today, I'll reintroduce these issues, along with what the Healthcare Relationship Management solution can do to resolve them. If any of these challenges sound familiar to your lab, now is the time to consider a healthcare CRM solution before it's too late.

"It's hard to get all of our different systems to communcate with each other." - connects and leverages all of your data systems without having to replace them.

"It's nearly impossible to figure out what my sales reps are spending their time on." use's 360 degree view to see all of your sales reps' interactions, orders, and activities. View performance metrics to track their commissions.

"It feels like 90% of my service calls are spent on my most unprofitable customers." - allows you to prioritize the most important action items (such as your most profitable clients) to better manage your time on a day-to-day basis.

"Spreadsheets are so time consuming, there has to be a better way." saves you time by eliminating manual re-entry of data.

"We've recently lost some of our key clients...but we aren't sure why." -Record and track any issues that come up in an order. Turn client data into actionable inteliigence that enables your lab to quickly resolve any issues, provide superior service, and increase client satisfaction.

If your lab experiences any of these pressing challenges, sign up for a demo to learn more.


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