Healthcare and laboratory leaders across the Midwest came together this week for the Annual Collaborative Symposium hosted by Indiana - CLMA and ASCLS - Indiana. The event started with fun and networking at the Indianapolis Zoo then got down to business with a great keynote presentation from Editor in Chief of The Dark Report Robert Michel. CEO Brad Bostic led the afternoon's break-out session with his presentation "Doing More with Less: How Healthcare Relationship Management Helps Your Lab Streamline Processes, Increase Productivity, and Compete & Win". A great mix of laboratory leaders from an operational and client facing perspective focused their attention on Brad as he explained the current landscape of healthcare, common challenges laboratories across the nation are now facing, and how Healthcare Relationship Management can help transform your laboratory to overcome these challenges and meet your yearly objectives.

"I want you all to think differently about the data flowing through your laboratory and how you can leverage this data with holistic profiles to proactively address your clients' needs and resolve any issues in a proactive manner," stated Bostic. In the midst of the Healthcare crisis, we are witnessing a shift from the quantity and fee-for-service approach to more of a quality-based approach and pay-for-performance. Healthcare is a 3 trillion dollar part of our economy and has several opportunities for improvement. There's a tremendous amount of reform happening, and the stakes are high.

This is where Healthcare Relationship Management comes into play:

  • Healthcare entities are good at internal clinical processes, and that's what they focus on.
  • They are typically not good at healthcare relationship management, but all of these separate entities must work together.
  • The Healthcare Cloud and Healthcare Relationship Management fills this void in relationship management.

Bostic went on to explain how this can be done with a 360-degree view of all clinical and business activities and access to relevant, real-time profiles based on role. This 360-degree view maximizes your lab's operations while optimizing relationships. To remain competitive, your laboratory must "do more with less" and this real-time healthcare insight enables your laboratory to recreate that success.

The session ended with an engaging Q&A session where Bostic fielded many questions about billing data, revenue cycle management, HIPAA compliant security, and how the Healthcare Cloud can help your laboratory in these areas. Thank you to the CLMA for hosting Brad and putting on such a great conference. For more on the CLMA, visit their website here.

For more on the Healthcare Cloud, a cloud-based lab management solution, contact us today.

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