In a recent article entitled, "Healthcare cloud changing with a vengeance" Tom Sullivan discusses the popularity of Healthcare Cloud IT with John Haughton. John Haughton is the CMO of Covisint. Healthcare has notoriously been behind on when it comes to technology, and advancing into the Cloud computing world is no different. The Healthcare industry is behind others in adopting Cloud solutions, but Sullivan says "that is changing and doing so perhaps even faster than previously thought."

John Haughton weighs in with his opinion when he says, "We were really surprised with these research results showing that 60 percent of the C-suite rates the need for cloud computing on a 4 or 5 of a five-point scale." This really is encouraging news for the progress of Healthcare IT. Haughton goes on to say that C-suite personnel are no longer viewing cloud technologies as something to be considered for adoption, but more of a necessity to engage. All this research is from the report, "Healthcare Industry Reaches Tipping Point: CIOs Now Demand the Cloud for Shared Savings and Interoperability." This report also found  that one-third of EHRs lack the necessary features to perform necessary health management functions. 

These CIOs also expressed interest in cloud computing because of the ability to access important information from different locations. Haughton goes on to point that "healthcare is changing with a vengeance, and companies who excel at improving the cost and quality of care will benefit from these findings." CIOs and other c-suite executives are quickly finding out that cloud computing technologies can help them improve their cost and quality of care.

hc1. com is a cloud computing solution created with the purpose of Healthcare Relationship Management. Through the use of this solution, laboratories and radiology practices will have a way to improve the cost and quality of care. To learn more about, and how the solution can benefit your laboratory or radiology practice visit the website here


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