Test utilization is one of the biggest buzz-worthy healthcare phrases of 2015. And for good reason - almost 33% of lab tests ran in 2014 were unnecessary. Cutting back just a small percentage can save laboratories hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. And with rising healthcare costs and shrinking reimbursement rates, organizations are looking to save money wherever possible.

Want to know how much you could be saving? Check out hc1's Test Utilization ROI Calculator for a real-time view into the dollars you are leaving on the table.

Looking for more information on Test Utilization strategies? Look no further:

  • Watch North Memorial Healthcare discuss their plans for reducing costs and increasing value in this short webinar recording, presented by AACC, available here.
  • Learn more about different types of utilization strategies and tips for establishing an Utilization Committee in your organization here.

Is it time to implement your utilization strategy? The experts at hc1 can help - reach out to info@hc1.com today!


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