The changes in healthcare are positioning laboratories to be more patient-centric by not only providing accurate diagnosis but also through reducing unnecessary testing to reduce costs. One proven solution is adopting an effective test utilization program to ensure the right test is delivered to the right patient at the right time.

Test utilization initiative can often be misjudged by the healthcare industry as laboratories trying to do less at the detriment of the patient. In reality, these initiatives help educate the industry as a whole by providing direction around the correct tests to order in certain situations.

Join, PLUGS, Sonora Quest Laboratories, and Seattle Children’s Hospital for this upcoming webinar, “How to Maximize Your Lab’s Test Utilization Program to Better Serve Patients and Increase Your Bottom Line.”

Date: January 24, 2017
Time: 2pm EST
Registration: Click here and use promo code MTS for free sign up

Tamara Nelson, Lean Master Black Belt at Sonora Quest, and Dr. Erin Kaleta, Clinical Director for General Laboratory and Toxicology at Sonora Quest, will share how Sonora Quest Laboratories effectively implemented a test utilization management program to optimize quality care to patients and providers while increasing their bottom line.This informative webinar will cover:

  • Why proper test utilization is vital for quality patient care and sustainability in your lab.
  • How the right technology can simplify your lab operations with real-time analytics and provide efficiencies in staffing and supply ordering.
  • Proven methods on how test utilization improves reimbursement rates for prescription drug monitoring profiles.
  • Diagnostic algorithm reviews and enhanced provider-to-patient value through ordering recommendations.
  • Direct Access Testing (DAT) trends and demands to better market tests and serve patients more effectively.


About the presenters


Tamara Nelson, Lean Master Black Belt, Sonora Quest Labs

For the past five years, Tamara has been instrumental in driving process improvement across the entire organization. She has led numerous enterprise-wide and high-level projects, including a Laboratory Information System conversion for an enterprise that provides services to 23,000 patients each day.


Dr. Erin Kaleta, Clinical Director for General Laboratory and Toxicology, Sonora Quest Labs

Dr. Erin Kaleta possesses a strong interest in test utilization, focusing on providing access to the right test, at the right time, for the right patient. Dr. Kaleta interfaces with medical providers to help assist in appropriate ordering patterns at the border between clinical practice and laboratory medicine.



Register for this webinar here and use promo code MTS for free sign up!

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