For today's labs, growing a successful outreach operation and increasing revenue often requires detailed analytics and insight. Two healthcare leaders, and Path-Tec, have partnered to unify people, processes, and information to open the door to transformative outreach processes. 

hc1, the #1-rated Healthcare Relationship Management platform, and Path-Tec, a leading specimen management platform, created an innovative partnership that lays the foundation for innovative labs to:

Optimize Traceability: Labs can track specimen kits throughout the entire journey with best-in-class courier and supply management solutions.

Eliminate Waste: Avoid delays and critical client issues with optimized specimen tracking alongside HIPAA-compliant collaboration tools.

Increase Efficiency: Unify information to drive service center activities across courier, lab, and account activities with healthcare-specific CRM and live analytics.

Maximize Overall ROI: Identify which accounts provide the best business opportunities based on supply ordering, test servicing, and growth prospects through targeted outreach. 

The integration between hc1's industry-leading CRM platform and Path-Tech's SpectraPath solution provides a seamless solution for lab's to manage logistics, specimen routing, operational performance, and client service delivery. 

You can learn more about this innovative partnership and see joint solutions in action during the upcoming AACC conference, July 30-Aug. 3, in San Diego, CA. Stop by booth #5113 to learn more! 

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