Today's post-acute care providers must manage relationships with payers, primary care providers, hospitals and fellow post-acute care facilities every day. When done well, these organizations can proactively boost patient referrals. Here are 3 ways post acute care organizations can leverage detailed insights and data-backed metrics to boost referrals:

Showcase Internal Performance and Increase Sales Team Efficiency

With a streamlined, documented sales process in place, post acute care facilities can deliver reports, dashboards, and visual aids to providers that prove an organization delivers the highest level of patient care at the lowest cost. Sales leaders can increase the efficiency of a sales team by easily tracking activities and client account health. Metrics related to admissions, patient wellness, and length of stay are automatically tracked and recorded in auditable dashboards, and this automation also serves to decrease manual efforts, duplication, and delayed information.

Stay A Step Ahead Of Provider and Payor Needs

Post acute account managers can now have a 360-degree, holistic profile of every provider to stay on top of red-flags and critical issues. With a healthcare-specific Customer Relationship Management platform, post acute facilities can automatically translate data from any source into comprehensive patient, provider, and payor profiles so account reps and managers can instantly assess the health or risk of each relationship and personalize service accordingly. Referral managers can gain real-time insight into all information surrounding denials to follow up with prospective patients and accounts. 

Communicate Issues Securely

In today's hyper-secure healthcare environment, post acute managers can now replace one-off email threads and post-its with messages in a HIPAA-compliant platform that keeps every department aligned at all times. Internal employees are held accountable so client issues don't slip through the cracks. Physicians and caregivers are immediately notified of critical issues or changes, and all key stakeholders can easily follow issues from identification to resolution and every step in between.

Leveraging real-time analytics and data-backed metrics to convey performance insight gives post acute care organizations a distinct advantage over competitors.


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