In a recent article titled "Majority of surveyed docs using mobile devices in practices" by Joseph Conn from, it is evident that smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become second nature in the healthcare industry. Joseph states, "Nearly 80% of U.S. practicing physicians in primary care, family, and internal medicine that were sampled and surveyed in April said they were using a smartphone in their day-to-day practice."

Here are a few reasons why physicians are making the transition to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices:

1) For the "treatment and ongoing care of patients"

Physicians use these devices to further communicate with patients when they're not in for a routine visit. These devices allow for the doctors to send any news or information regarding the patient qucikly and directly.

2) Documentation of interactions with other providers

For instance, if a patient gets a test done with another doctor other then their primary physician, the test results can be sent with ease to their physician. This allows for better patient care, and more up-to-date information. This in turn creats better turn-around times, and allows for a higher retention of patients. specializes in providing this healthcare actionable intelligence above that allows doctors to treat and care for patients. We focus on your healthcare CRM and Business Intelligence needs so you can focus on the what's most important...the patient.

The Healthcare Relationship Management solution is a cloud-based and healthcare-specific platform that allows providers to document or share information and interactions with patients and other providers. This information can be viewed through user-friendly dashboards and reports, all available on your mobile devices. Carry this actionable intelligence wherever you go, and stay ahead of the game in this ever evolving industry.

For more on this topic, read the full article here.


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