My team and I have been learning from our experiences as SaaS customers and applying this to our approach as we work with our clients. It’s been a great learning experience to be on the other side of the fence. 

Lesson #5: Leverage partner apps / add-ons to enhance the solution

Last quarter, my team evaluated solutions for project management functionality that we could implement without creating too much overhead for our projects (ie. going down the Microsoft project route).  Key factors we used to evaluate the solutions:

- Learning curve / user experience - our clients would be using  this too!

- Collaboration features

- Ability to use best practice templates

While the top contender had almost everything we needed, when we used it we found that we were really missing the gantt chart functionality from a tool like Microsoft project.  Our project leader went back to the drawing board to do some research and found that we could use a partner plugin to provide that functionality – and best of all, that it was already integrated with our project collaboration solution so there was little additional configuration needed!  This was a huge win that enabled us to use a much more client-friendly solution, but still meet the needs of our internal users.

Our approach: In addition to providing the best lab CRM and healthcare Business Intelligence solution, is a powerful platform that provides easy access to partners, helping to streamline workflows and ultimately improve service.  For example, Interactive Intelligence’s call center solution is available on  When enabled, it streamlines the workflow for Client Services call center staff; they receive an screenpop with the relevant provider contact when the provider calls in with an issue, so that all the important order and activity information is at hand.  This is just one example of the many partner apps that our clients can leverage.

Learn more about this lab call center solution and hc1 Apps here.

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