It's no surprise that Indianapolis is making waves as a revolutionary technology hub. A city once known largely for an eponymous race and manufacturing output, Indy has quietly spent the last few years growing it's local tech talent and nurturing startups of all sizes. And, while Silicon Valley giants are finding it hard to retain female talent, Indianapolis was recently named as one of the top 5 cities for women in tech. While these accolades are keeping Indy in the news, it's the actual companies that keep the recognition pouring in. 

Geektime, a global tech news blog, recently published the "Top 10 Tech Startups Racing Forward in Indianapolis, Indiana", and highlighted the city's central location and a confluence of accredited universities as some reasons for the steady rise of tech talent., established in Indianapolis in 2011, was featured as part of the Geektime article. As a cloud-based, healthcare-specific customer relationship management platform, hc1 was built to address a critical market void: better connecting healthcare organizations with the providers and patients they serve. 

Today, after more than 6 years, hc1 has received accolades from KLAS, Gartner Research, and Frost & Sullivan and has been firmly established as an industry leader and innovator. 

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