A blog series by Kyle Ray, Online and Event Marketing Intern for hc1.com

Brands are everywhere and exist in various forms. In the stores, on the web, and even on the jersey of your favorite sports team. Nike, Ralph Lauren, the Cleveland Cavaliers, all of these organizations have iconic brands. In reality, a company’s brand is much more than just an appearance, it holds the key to what drives the organization on the inside and out.

I experienced this firsthand during my interview process and now my first week here at hc1.com. Having little experience in the tech industry, and even less in the healthcare field, I felt a bit intimidated at first. However, after a few deep breaths and my first office visit, I quickly opened up to the hc1.com atmosphere.

hc1.com has a unique brand and culture that takes an interest in it’s employees. Not only does the company focus on personalizing the healthcare experience, it pushes to personalize the work environment as well.PicMonkey Collage

Whether it be the little things, like a laid-back dress code and flexibility in work hours. Or, more long term advantages such as assessing your personal impact on the company. hc1.com makes the effort to provide it’s employees with the proper tools for success and a comfortable work setting.

From my brief experience, so far, hc1.com has taken an interest in what I want to learn and achieve throughout the duration of my internship. The company has a sense of transparency which allows for all levels of employees to be up-to-date with company operations . The workplace is very open, and resembles a family atmosphere. On my second day of work, I was lucky enough to meet the CEO, Brad Bostic. hc1.com grew out of  Brad’s recognition that the healthcare industry fails to treat its clients - patients and providers - as individuals. hc1.com’s mission is to solve this by delivering the world’s most widely connected healthcare relationship management cloud platform.

First impressions are imperative in one’s future success. The brand established exploits an individual or company’s personality, what they strive to achieve, and what they're willing to sacrifice to get there. In the end, the brand essentially promotes the impression a company  leaves on it’s customers, employees, and industry altogether. After my first week, I’ve realized that hc1.com aims to hold a symbiotic relationship with who they conduct business with, mutually benefiting its clients, employees, and the healthcare industry, through the implementation of personalized relationships.

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