Across industries, it’s estimated to cost 5 to 10 times more to obtain a new client than it does to retain one.

Within the lab market, lower reimbursement levels and growing competition from national labs make client retention more critical than ever.

Please join G2 Intelligence, CEO Brad Bostic, and NeoGenomics CEO Doug VanOort to discover how today's most successful labs are managing their business and clients in a way that produces lifelong relationships.

You'll also learn the secrets behind generating consistent, superior service that exceeds client expectations.

5 Secrets of 100% Client Retention
G2 Intelligence Webinar, sponsored by
June 27th at 1pm EST

Registration: Free

Hosted by Brad Bostic, CEO of
With Special Guest Doug VanOort, CEO of NeoGenomics

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Can't make the webinar? Download the new G2 Intelligence whitepaper:  "Increasing Your Lab's Client Retention Rate: How to Kick the Reactive Crisis Management Habit." Learn how a Healthcare CRM solution that marries lab analytics with clinical intelligence facilitates top caliber service and higher retention.

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