Today Reportlinker, a global insight and analytics firm, released their annual CRM market analysis report. According to the press release, the global healthcare CRM market is expected to reach $17.4 billion by 2025., the inventor of the award-winning Healthcare Relationship Management platform, has been a leader in the healthcare CRM space for over 5 years.

Some of the biggest trends mentioned in the report include:

Data Silo Integration

Healthcare is a traditionally siloed industry, with an abundance of data housed in native systems or on paper charts. Today, solutions such as hc1 are breaking down these silos and are creating seamless workflows across the care continuum. With all patient, laboratory, physician, and outpatient data in one HIPAA-compliant platform, it is easy to make decisions, communicate, and deliver the highest caliber of healthcare possible.

Care Coordination 

In today's value-driven healthcare world, providers, physicians, and health systems must be able to care for, engage with, and better serve large patient populations - even beyond the 4 walls of a hospital. Care Coordination solutions from hc1 enable healthcare teams to better interact with patients across the continuum for optimized patient care and staff productivity.

Referral Relationships

According to Reportlinker's press release, referral healthcare CRM is expected to be the fastest growing product segment throughout the highlighted forecast period. As declining reimbursement rates and new government regulations put pressure on healthcare organizations incoming revenue, referral relationships offer a new source of business growth. hc1 enables physicians and other healthcare providers to directly engage with referral contacts to maximize these relationships - and maximize incoming revenue.

As the healthcare technology continues to grow and change, hc1 is dedicated to remaining a leader in the industry. We are on a mission to transform healthcare experiences for patients & providers across the globe. You can take a quick video tour of the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Management platform here.


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