Sonora Quest Laboratories, a joint venture between Banner Health and Quest Diagnostics, is the largest integrated laboratory system in the nation. With over 3,100 employees performing more than 60 million diagnostic tests a year, decision makers at Sonora Quest knew that the only way to sustain their unbelievable growth was by becoming the ultimate patient-centric laboratory.

When Sonora Quest began their partnership with hc1 in the summer of 2015, they began breaking down internal data silos and integrating multiple data systems into the hc1 platform. Completing this integration early in the partnership has allowed Sonora Quest to grow and innovate through several different use cases:

  • Test Utilization

Sonora Quest implemented a test utilization program that has allowed them to work with providers to increase overall reimbursement rates, as well as reduce duplicative test orders from physician clients. This program has established Sonora Quest as a trusted value-based partner to their phsyician clients and payors, who now look to the lab as a thought leader on all things utilization.

  • Project Management

As the nation's largest integrated laboratory system, Sonora Quest is constantly challenged to bring up new analyzers, implement software, and continually improve processes. With a custom-built Project Tracker dashboard in hc1, the Lean Six Sigma team, Program Management Office, and Analytics team can all track and record current projects, their completion status, and internal resource engagement. Senior leadership can then access a high-level view of these reports to identify where processes are working and where improvements need to be made.

  • Productivity Metrics

Prior to integrating all of their in-house systems into hc1, Sonora Quest had to manually pull daily productivity reports to send to management. Activating the hc1 platform enabled Sonora Quest to reduce employee labor to pull these reports from 5 hours a day to just 45 minutes per day, resulting in an 85% increase in efficiencies. All departments have access to real-time and historic analytics on financial and operational performance without needing IT assistance.

  • Business Briefs

Sonora Quest is currently working on building quality, delivery, and cost dashboards to present to upper level management and laboratory decision makers. This select group will use these high-level dashboards to identify trends, discuss best practices, and develop action plans.

Tamara Nelson, Lean Master Black Belt, has led the hc1 activation at Sonora Quest and is one of the most innovative users of the hc1 platform. Tamara and her team have gone above and beyond on transforming the way they conduct business with hc1. Congrats Tamara and the entire Sonora Quest team for your continued success!

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