Recently hosted a webinar with CEO Doug VanOort of NeoGenomics, and posed a simple poll question: What is the number 1 obstacle standing in the way of your laboratory achieving 100% retention?  Doug gave 5 specific examples of how to achieve 100% retention, while the answers from over 100 laboratories who attended the webinar were all over the board.  The five options for the poll were the following:

  1. Client issues were not escalated until it is too late
  2. Lack an effective way to measure ongoing client satisfaction
  3. Difficult to get a comprehensive view of each client
  4. Sales and service teams are on different pages
  5. Difficult time meeting service commitments  

The interesting thing about this poll is that all each answer was fairly evenly distributed with the lowest being 14% of the vote and the highest being 30% of the vote.  What does this tell us?

The poll definitely infers that client retention is not easy and there are a variety of reasons why laboratories lose clients. The good new is that there is now a Lab specific CRM solution that can provide the necessary intelligence to prevent attrition of clients. is a unique healthcare cloud computing and lab analytics solution that has been designed from the ground up to optimize laboratories relationships with clients. uses real-time HL feeds with Laboratory Information Systems, billing solutions, logistical solutions and the like to combine clinical transactions with business communications all in one central repository. will help your lab make every provider feel like your most important client, because you will always have the necessary intelligence to proactively address your clients needs.  

To learn more request a free consultation with one of our experienced healthcare CRM experts at

Also, access the Webinar for Labs: 5 Secrets of 100% Retention below.

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