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2014 was a busy year for Meaningful Use guidelines, and 2015 looks to be even more eventful. There are plenty of real life examples of how these guidelines will affect the daily processes and procedures of laboratory life.


These changes will be most prevalent in the Quality Assurance and issue resolution areas of lab operations. Many times, QA issues are reported, noted on paper, passed around until the issue finds an owner, and ends up in a spreadsheet. Once the issue is reviewed and resolved, most times 2-3 months will have passed. No matter what industry you are in, resolving an issue 3 months after it was logged is the opposite of value-based service.

These new Meaningful Use guidelines will require all QA issues to be resolved much sooner - within one month of log time. Logging these issues into a cloud-based solution that allows you to view and assign issues in real time can expedite the resolution process - even identifying and solving issues while a patient is still in the office.

If your healthcare organization realizes the need for a solutions that can directly help you meet Meaningful Use guidelines, contact info@hc1.com or call 317-219-4646 today!

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