Every so often an industry shift comes along that is so incredibly seismic and all-encompassing that there is nothing left to do but change and adapt. Healthcare is right  in the middle of this type of industry change, and organizations across the continuum - from hospitals to outpatient facilities to laboratories - are figuring out how to leverage new technologies to compete in the era of value-based care.

Recently HIT Infrastructure published a list of 2016 health IT trends and how we'll see these trends play out in 2017. Let's take a deeper look at two of the trends listed:

  • Cloud migration

While a majority of other industries have embraced the rise of cloud-based technology and innovation, healthcare has been notoriously slow. Finally, healthcare organizations have seen the light and have started to embrace this transformative technology.  The hc1 platform, which one AWS rep at re:Invent called "One of the best architected health platforms on AWS," was built from the ground up to handle the complexities of health care. Our expertly engineered, HIPAA-compliant cloud ensures the safety, transparency, and flexibility of data for every client looking to truly personalize the healthcare experience for patients, providers, and clients.

  • Integrated medical devices 

In order to thrive in the value-based world, healthcare is now ready to harness the immense amounts of patient data housed in various systems and devices to create detailed, actionable profiles. With the rise of Care Coordination solutions and patient engagement trends, it's easier than ever before to track, manage, and interact with patients both inside and outside the four walls of a hospital.

You can learn more about hc1's architecture and infrastructure here.

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