Health care today is quality-based and consumer-driven, and providers are paid on the quality of outcomes, not the number of services performed. At the same time, consumers have more choices and higher expectations. The Midwest Fall Technology Conference aims to help healthcare providers identify ways to secure your patient's experience while optimizing costs and employee efficiency.

To win in this environment, health systems must boost the quality of care while keeping costs in check. In order to do this, healthcare providers must have better insight into patient care – delivering highly personalized service at a minimum cost, much like retail giant Amazon.

When you order a teddy bear on Amazon, you have full visibility to every step of its journey. Amazon treats the journey as critical, notifying and updating you of each and every step. However, in healthcare, where those data elements translate into a patient journey and experience, disparate systems do not create the continuity of care.

Make sure you attend the 2016 Midwest Fall Technology Conference in Bloomington, MN, to learn how healthcare providers can tap into existing information silos to build robust profiles of each patient, and then use these profiles to deliver value and personalized care to patient populations.

Catch Mike Alessandro's break out session on Monday, Nov. 14th at 1:15pm to learn:


  • How tracking metrics around hospital length of stay, average length of stay, and cost per patient can help healthcare organizations save thousands of dollars a week.
  • Six proven ways your organization can provide maximum value to patients while decreasing overhead costs.
  • Ways your team can understand the detailed data points that go into a holistic patient profile, and begin identify where these come from and how they add value to the personalized patient experience.
  • How you can create your own strategic action plan to drive proactive care and focus resources across your home organization via intuitive dashboards and reports.


Learn more and register for the conference here.

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