Today's healthcare environment is all about patient outcomes and personalization. And the best way to deliver this '5-star' experience is through health IT.

Laura Breedlove, hc1's Senior VP of Technology, sat down with HealthITJobs to discuss organizational success, the future of healthcare IT, and new opportunities in technology. Laura was also recently named one of the 2016 CTO's of the Year by the Indianapolis Business Journal. Here are some highlights from her conversation with HealthITJobs:

Personal and organizational success are linked

"One of the fun parts about Indianapolis is that we have a growing tech scene here, and hc1.com is well positioned both within Indianapolis as well as expanding into other regions to lead from a technology perspective," Laura said.

She also mentions the key to success is to place emphasis not only on technology, but also on building effective teams and strengthening the people involved.

Better data means better personalization

Personalization in healthcare begins with bringing relevant data together. With the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Management platform, holistic provider and patient profiles are housed in one HIPAA-compliant platform for unprecedented visibility across the healthcare spectrum.

IT is becoming a more critical part of business

As more data is created and consumed, technology will take on a larger role in the business, and IT professionals will become even more important to the industry.

"I think that there's going to be continued convergence into cloud services," Laura said. "It allows businesses to innovate on their core functions. It aligns IT to the actual business, versus the old back-office model of years ago. The opportunity here is the data and insights that can be gained to ensure you're increasing value to your business."

Health IT is full of opportunity

Laura's favorite thing about working in Health IT is that it offers professionals an opportunity to always learn and to continually innovate.

"The beauty of technology is that you can turn almost anything negative about the job into a positive. I view the negatives as an opportunity to use technology to innovate!" Laura stated.


Are you looking to innovate?

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