In today’s competitive healthcare environment, labs are placing superior client service at the top of their priority lists. But disparate data sources, excessive manual work, and lack of critical insight are challenges few have the tools to overcome.

Retention stats

The average corporation loses 50% of its clients ever five years - and in healthcare it costs up to 10 times as much to acquire a new client versus retaining one. And, unbelievably, almost 90% of clients who leave never complaint. So how can your team combat this leakage proactively? With superior client service.

With a healthcare-specific CRM solution, your team can deliver tailored, prompt, and consistent client service - in even the most critical of situations. This is possible through:

  • Aligning departments to eliminate manual effort & error-filled work

With a healthcare CRM, your team will gain back hours of productivity, and this proactive problem solving results in better communication across lab personnel - eliminating errors across your organization.

  • Gaining an up-to-the-moment, holistic view of every client relationship

While generic CRM systems only capture about 10% of the client picture, a healthcare-specific solution captures both the business and clinical activities, creating a truly holistic view of relationships.

Account Focus

  • Proactively recreating success, resulting in higher client retention

When critical trends are at the forefront of decision making, your team has the knowledge and data necessary to develop a blueprint for ongoing success - resulting in more client wins and a higher retention rate.

A truly healthcare-specific CRM bridges the gap between big-picture service initiatives and day-to-day client interactions, enabling your team to create and maintain relationships.

Read the full whitepaper here.

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