Given today’s environment of growing competition and slashed reimbursements, your lab has likely placed superior client service at the top of its priority list in order to attract and retain clients. Task forces have been formed. Satisfaction surveys have been sent. The topic routinely comes up at executive meetings. Perhaps you’ve even invested in medical laboratory software, data warehousing, or business intelligence (BI) solutions with the intent of better serving your customers.

Yet is your lab truly customer-centric?

Delivering the highest level of service requires consistency and continuity. However, a lot can happen in between big picture planning and analysis and day-to-day actions. This is why “customer-centric service” is reliant on a holistic foundation.  Without the ability for sales, service, and operations to quickly identify all activities and issues associated with a specific provider and seamlessly take actions that are then visible to all relevant stakeholders, your lab will inevitably fall a step behind at some point.

A truly customer-centric platform goes beyond “what happened” with a client or across your lab. A lab-specific customer relationship (CRM) solution that provides real-time insight into critical client interactions as they are happening becomes part of the lifeblood of your laboratory, with all stakeholders accessing the intelligence necessary to deliver tailored, prompt, and consistent client service.

This guide explores eight ways that a lab-specific CRM eliminates common challenges that stand in the way of superior service, instead positioning your team for continued success and the highest level of performance. Download the guide here.


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