Don't miss this powerful session, "What's Broken And How To Fix It: Improving Post-Acute Care With Care Coordination," taking place @ HIMSS17 in the Population Care Management Knowledge Center. Add to calendar.

The rise of high deductible health plans, the commoditization of healthcare services, and expanded provider options have made it more important than ever before for healthcare organizations to provide value-based services to their patients at every step of the healthcare journey.

As competition heats up, health systems and post-acute care facilities must find ways to remove obstacles standing in the way of better understanding and engaging patient populations while eliminating gaps in patient care beyond the hospital. 

While at HIMSS, make sure you join Angela Norris, VP of Contracting and Business Integration for American Senior Communities, and Brad Bostic, Chairman and CEO of, as they demonstrate how health providers can leverage technology to effectively monitor patients outside a hospital setting to ensure optimal care for chronic and acute issues.

Session: What’s Broken and How to Fix It: Improving Post-Acute Care With Care Coordination

Speaker: Angela Norris, VP of Contracting and Business Integration, American Senior Communities

When: Feb 20 @ 3:45pm

Where: Population Care Management Knowledge Center 

 Angela’s presentation will explore:

  • Common challenges faced in the post-acute care world and the changes necessary to eliminate breakdowns in both processes and care.
  • How cost and time-savings result from having the appropriate insight into patients and resources.
  • How to identify at-risk patients and gain instant insight into ongoing health progress.
  • ASC’s journey to achieving success with value-based care.
  • Some of the live dashboards, examples, and real-time analytics that can help care coordination teams identify issues with population health management and workflows to optimize patient wellness.

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