I recently went to a CLMA (Clinical Laboratory Management Association) conference in Ohio. As an exhibitor, we had many people stop by our booth asking, "What does hc1.com do?"

The 10 second overview: "We help your laboratory provide superior client service by gaining a real-time, 360-degree view of every client. Our Software-as-a-Service solution gives your lab a dashboard view of key performance metrics, does not require any upfront capital, can integrate with virtually any system within your lab or provider offices, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere."

The conversation then turned to the person stopping by. How many systems did they use within their lab in order to manage client information? How long did it take for them to access the reports they needed in order to make important decisions relevant to their role?

"4-5 systems to log in and out of in order to gain a comprehensive client picture, sometimes more."

"30 days to 6 months to run reports."

Not a single person stopping by said, "Managing our client data is easy." They all felt some degree of pain when it came to managing and acting upon client information.

How exactly does this pain manifest itself? It might be a lost client (or several of them), because no one sees the warning signs soon enough. It might manifest itself in lost money. Lost opportunity, because a client never comes close to their estimated order volume...yet no one can see the real picture.

The hc1.com Healthcare Relationship Management solution was built with these challenges in mind. hc1.com connects data silos in order to create a comprehensive view of each client and within a single location. Rather than utilizing hours of time or teams of people to run reports, hc1.com presents and automatically calculates key metrics within an online dashboard.

How much time and how many headaches would easy-to-use lab software like hc1.com save your team?

Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about hc1.com and how it helps industry-leading labs such as know error, Cancer Genetics, and NeoGenomics increase profitability, retention, and overall success.

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