The Indianapolis Business Journal featured Brad Bostic and in a health care and technology story October 15, 2011.

Regarding Bostech's release of its Healthcare Relationship Management solution, journalist J.K. Wall writes:

Bostech’s timing is good. Because the federal Medicare program and private health plans are pushing hospitals and doctors to enter payment contracts that reward them for keeping costs low, the health care providers are demanding from the medical labs more information on what and why they’re spending for tests.

At the same time, because Medicare and private health plans are cutting payments to hospitals for follow-up care induced by preventable errors—which can be caused by delayed or inaccurate lab data—hospitals are also interested in seeing labs cut down their error rates.

The story focuses on the rapid growth of and how clients such as know error and St. Vincent Seton use the unique laboratory Software as a Service solution to increase capacity and gain access to critical information that impacts decisions related to patient care.

The full story from the IBJ is available here.

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