Improving your lab's relationships with providers seems like a pretty easy task if you really focus on it, right? 

Well, it may be easier said than done.  If your lab does not have an effective way to track the history of your client relationships, how can you deliver excellent customer service and make every provider feel like you most important client?  Sounds like a difficult position to be in… but there is an answer. includes Healthcare-specific CRM, real-time dashboards and alerts, and secure communications to optimize relationships among healthcare professionals and unlock a 360-view of every provider relationship.

In a recent article published by Becker’s Hospital Review, Ron Wince, President/CEO of Guidon Performance Solutions, talked about several survival skills for Healthcare’s “Era of Disruption”.  I think Ron hit the nail on the head with his third point on strengthening your commitment to a common purpose.  His vision of the common purpose was to evaluate how you interact with your clients, while delivering a higher level of quality care.

Wince said:

Leadership teams in healthcare organizations have gotten increasingly disconnected from a common purpose as the chaos in the world has driven them to be more and more focused on short-term objectives and responding with tunnel vision to disruption. Now is the time to go back and review the common purpose of your organization. Incorporate awareness of that common purpose into everything from strategic planning to how you interact with patients and customers.

Reinforcing alignment around a common purpose is not just an academic exercise. It gives people who will never set foot in your board room the knowledge that will help them do the right things at the right time on the front lines of delivering care. And if you want to be adaptable and agile, you have to accept the fact that more and more decisions will be made farther and farther away from that board room. Knowing that both ends of the spectrum — and every piece in between — is aligned to a common purpose will increase your trust, and improve agility while maintaining consistency.

Embrace Ron Wince’s advice and have the confidence that your employees have the right information at the right time and empower them to make informed decisions to better serve your providers and improve the quality of care.  Find out how can help your lab gain that confidence and start serving your providers for life! 

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