In a recent post from Big Data-Startup titled, "Three Innovative Ways How Big Data Will Improve the Healthcare Industry" Mark van Rijmenam observes the vast amounts of data the healthcare industry produces and how industry leaders are now recognizing ways to leverage this data for their health organization, lab, or radiology practice. Big Data in healthcare? You heard right, which I'm sure may raise a few questions:

"Wait, what exactly is 'Big Data'?"

Well according to SmartData Collective, Big Data can be referred to as, "Our ability to collect and analyze the vast amounts of data we are now generating in the world. The ability to harness the ever-expanding amounts of data is completely transforming our ability to understand the world and everything within it."

"Big Data...alright got it. What does this mean for the healthcare industry then?"

Electronic Health Records, or EHR's, are being implemented in health organizations across the globe to create and capture valuable patient information, or what some call "Big Data". This Big Data contains valuable information about patients that can determine trends actions to take for the future.

"Okay so EHR's create, gather, and manage this data, but what happens after that?"

What separates the industry leaders from the rest is how they leverage this Big Data to help them improve patient care and the overall experience. The key, Rijmenam states, is finding a way to bring together this rich information from multiple data silos into one platform.

"Bringing clinical data from labs, radiology, and electronic medical records as well as patient data, historical background information and social factors into one platform can be used to analyze and to enhance the predictive accuracy that will improve treatments. When the available data is centralized in one platform it will enhance communication among all patient care team members with an overall goal of improving patient experience and quality."-Mark van Rijmenam, founder of

A patient could potentially meet with multiple providers regarding the same health issue...providers that are in different entities. Imagine having a central platform where these entities - laboratory, radiology, home health, pharmacy, physician's office, hospital, etc - are all on the same page with a specific patient and you, as a healthcare executive, could monitor and track these interactions.

Now stop day-dreaming and realize this platform is a reality. The Healthcare Relationship Management Cloud lies on top of these data-rich silos and brings them together onto one central cloud-based platform with roles-based dashboards and reports. Find out more here.



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