Part of ensuring that we are able to do our best work for our clients is ensuring that we stay in tip-top shape as individuals. The team here at hc1 was recently selected to participate in the CDC's National Healthy Worksite Program, and as a part of that initiative, we recently launched a Wellness committee with a mission to make living well a part of our overall culture.

We have a wide variety of plans to make wellness fun, easy, and part of the hc1 experience. To that end, we've had contests and giveaways and we recently offered our team a sampling of fruit and herb-infused water. We offered a different variety each day for a week. Some of the flavors we sampled included citrus (lemon, lime, and orange), berry (strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry), pineapple, and watermelon. Some varieties were certainly more popular than others, but overall the desire outcome was achieved.

We surveyed the team for their feedback and 36% drank more water than they normally would. 48% opted for water instead of a soda. And in addition to the hard numbers, we repeatedly heard that people really enjoyed the treat and would be trying out some of the flavors at home.

There's a lot more to come for our team including a walking challenge utilizing company provided pedometers, a wellness cookout, giveaways including $100 gift cards to stores like Trader Joes and fitness equipment, a Nerf challenge, and Fresh Fridays where we'll be doing our version of a wellness happy hour by sampling food and beverages that are both delicious and educational for our team.

Interested in following our activities? As you can see, we're tweeting about it! Follow the #hc1LiveWell hash tag to see what we're up to next.

Want to try your own flavored waters at home? Here are a few recipes.

Enjoy, and stay hydrated my friends.

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