A recent article titled, "CIOs Must Adjust to a Cloud-based World" by Em Maier of Inc.com informs readers that the IT landscape is changing, and CIOs need to be proactive in providing solutions that help their companies innovate.

Pete Johnson of GigaOM also points out in this article that the cloud can save your organization money and increase productivity, but there is a trade-off if you aren't careful. The support for innovation and rising pressure put on your IT team could be too much. IT folks may lose morale as requests start to pile up and more time or energy can't be found.

The solution, Johnson states, is two-pronged: "Combining flexible software processes and specialized cloud computing to help IT become an aid to innovation and functionality across the company."

If you were a CIO of a health organization and decided to buy a generic CRM or cloud-based solution for your business, this would put huge amounts of pressure, time, and energy on your IT team to customize and implement. hc1.com is already built for your specific healthcare needs and qualifies as, what Johnson states, a specialized cloud computing solution. It can connect to any existing software system or disparate silo, and will work with your IT team on a smooth activation.

hc1.com's Client Support and Training will help your team with the education, implementation, and full utilization of the solution so your IT team doesn't have to. With the slow adoption of cloud solutions in our industry, it can give you an innovate and competitive edge on the competition, all while boosting functionality across your organization with its 360-degree view of every interaction.

The support of your IT can't be sacrificed on the customization of a generic CRM or Business Intelligence solution. According to Johnson, "Adapting requires company leaders to stop thinking of IT as a cost center and start thinking of it as a functionality enabler."

Watch this 2-minute video to see how hc1.com makes this all possible, I'm sure your IT team would enjoy watching it too.

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