In an article entitled, "There's Gold in Healthcare Mandates," Michele Masterson explains how the new Healthcare Mandates are causing an interesting change in Healthcarre IT. It is important to note these mandates require healthcare provideres to use EMRs (Electronic Medical Records), as well as future changes that will occur in the upcoming years. These changes seem harmless enough, but the Healthcare industry has been established in their ways for a long time, and now that adaptation and change is necessary, they are struggling to make the adjustments. The increase in EMR usage has caused these Healthcare companies to look for  IT solutions in addition to EMRs to help them input the necessary data and information. This includes products like a Healthcare CRMs, Lab CRMs, and Lab Tracking Software Systems. 

    Specifically in her article, Michele Masterson talks about a company called Nuance, and it's product that "uses front-end speech recognition and back-end computer-aided medical transcription, while also analyzing physician narratives and translating them into clinical and quality indicators." These products have become somewhat of a necessity to fill in the gaps left by EMRs. Aaron Brauser, director of Catalyst Products at M*Modal, goes on to say,"We really do believe that most problems, whether it is EMR adoption, or EMR's ability to actually report on quality measures or coding, [are] a documentation issue at the time a record is created." In other words, EMRs are efficient and useful once the data has been entered, but there is no easy way to input all this data effectively. With these different speech technology products EMRs can be used in more efficient ways.

    Michele Masterson really illustrates what the future of the partnership between Healthcare providers and Healthcare IT will look like. The Healthcare world is going to go through even more changes as the next stages of changes are implemented through 2014 and 2016, and in order to keep up Healthcare providers are going to need to turn to companies with IT solutions to help them with their transitions. Michele has written many other articles on IT and speech technology specifically.

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