Last week, Essential Testing team members (sales, client services, IT, territory managers, executive team) gathered with in Collinsville, IL to be enabled on the most powerful relationship management solution in healthcare.

Essential Testing's commitment to building stronger relationships and managing a more efficient, proactive operation was expressed to the group quickly. Their executive team kicked off the meeting and shared the vision and charter of why the adoption of Healthcare Relationship Management is critical to their success, helping set the tone for a highly collaborative and productive session.

Vince Ojeda, CEO of Essential Testing, shared this compelling use case with the group. "We lost a customer recently due to our inability to quickly pull together physician/lab throughput time analytics. Our investment in now gives us the tools necessary to truly understand the health of each customer in real time and proactively manage our relationships."

The cost of a new customer is five times more costly than keeping an existing customer. No business can afford to lose customers and is designed to help healthcare organizations, whether it be laboratories, radiology practices, or large health systems, strengthen relationships and identify opportunities to drive business value.

The prioritization of Vince and the Essential Testing team was clear, took precedent over all other IT projects in order to effectively combine all disparate data silos onto one central cloud-based platform. Not to mention, a healthcare-specific platform that was built from the ground up to meet their specific needs.

About Essential Testing:

A CAP accredited and CLIA certified lab that provides state of the art toxicology services to protect clinicians prescribing and patients being treated with controlled medications. At Essential Testing, you can find the most advanced technology to determine patient compliance. Their clients receive timely, comprehensive customer service from a team comprised of professional toxicologists, laboratory technologists, client service representatives, and sales specialists.

Thank you to Vince and all team members at Essential Testing for a successful training seminar! To learn even more about Essential Testing, visit their website.

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