Day in and day out the team works with lab executives across the country to achieve the peace of mind that none of their clients' needs have slipped through the crack. We talk with lab executives everyday about the daily challenges they face when trying to keep all departments on the same page and making sure each provider feels like their most important client. This got us thinking...

What if, somewhere out there, there was a lab that did not proactively resolve issues and maintain solid client relationships? A lab that was so overwhelmed with reports, so disconnected between departments, and so behind on addressing client needs that they had no idea they lost their business months ago.

Sure this may be a stretch, or even exaggerated (just slightly), but we think you'll at least laugh as the team acts out a day in the life of "The World's Most Disorganized Laboratory."

The Laboratory from Brad Beutler on Vimeo.

Video produced by: Bo Dietrick

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