The® Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ is a cloud-based, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution that is available anytime, anywhere. When we say "Anytime" and "Anywhere", we really mean it. With hc1 Mobile, you will be able to deliver outstanding experience for your clients and build amazing relationships - anytime, anywhere!

The new hc1 Mobile solution allows sales, customer service, operations, and others to stay on top of key business activities with their clients using their smartphone device. With the hc1 Mobile solution, you can have the power of the hc1 desktop platform in the palm of your hand. Designed from the ground up to optimize the layout and user interface specifically for mobile devices, users can quickly use this on smartphones and tablets.

Use Case: A sales call to Dr. Baker's Office

Imagine this scenario - Susan is a busy account manager with HUNDREDS of clients that she's responsible for. Today, her schedule is booked, and she needs quick, convenient access to her accounts while she's in the field. Before a visit with Dr. Baker at Alta Hospital, Susan logs into hc1 Mobile for a rundown.

  • Mobile_OnePagerWith a couple taps, Susan can quickly prepare for the meeting. She can review the Alta Hospital account including a snapshot of the hospital's recent order volume and see updates for any open cases.
  • With another tap, she opens up the Contacts for Alta Hospital - and taps the icon for Paul Fields to call and confirm the appointment.
  • During the meeting, Susan uses hc1 Mobile to reference details on current activities and how those issues are being resolved. When Dr. Baker raises a question about turnaround time, Susan can instantly create a new task and assign it to her Lab Operations Manager - to ensure the question is addressed.
  • Dr. Baker is so pleased that Susan and her team are in control, he's decided to trial the Lab's latest test which Susan captures in hc1 Mobile before she leaves the parking lot. Just then, she receives a new notification about that turnaround time issue.

For more, view the video below. To speak with a Healthcare Relationship Management expert, contact us today.



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