Ready to access real-time intelligence in ways that your lab never thought possible?

hc1 Healthcare Business Intelligence (hc1 BI) enables your lab to gain instant visibility into essential outcomes and trends via customizable, user-friendly charts and graphs that can be accessed at the click of a button.

Quickly pinpoint key trends
Spend valuable time identifying key trends and creating an action plan rather than managing endless spreadsheets and reports.

Make decisions with confidence
Help key personnel within your lab confidently make decisions, turning reactive issue management into proactive problem-solving.

Customize what you view
Easily view specific client service challenges or general trends in areas such as TAT, order volume, and more – seamlessly drill-down to view the underlying client details that support key trends.

Win more clients, serve them for life
Gain access to the specific intelligence your lab needs in order to make every provider feel like your most important client.

Evaluate intelligence from any source
The hc1 Dynamic Data Cloud (hc1 DDC) enables your lab to view and evaluate LIS information and data elements from systems such as billing, inventory, financial, etc. within

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