hc1.com and its CEO and Founder Brad Bostic are featured in the Feb. 2013 edition of Medical Laboratory Observer. Bostic writes about, "Achieving 100% accountability: How healthcare CRM drives action and resolves issues." 

Bostic outlines the three ways that a lab CRM (customer relationship management solution) enables medical laboratories to provide the highest level of service to provider clients by:

  • Gaining Operational Efficiency
  • Viewing the Health of Each Client Relationship
  • Taking Action to Resolve Issues

With a healthcare CRM that leverage the lab's Laboratory Information Management System, routine tasks such as looking up order volumes by client, assessing client issues by category, and proactively preparing for client meetings take place at the click of a button. Additionally, using a lab-specific healthcare CRM, labs have instant access to a 360-degree view of each ordering provider, including a snapshot of the key lab analytics for each client relationship. And through closed-loop case management, a lab-specific CRM can provide employees with a universal environment to facilitate accountability by notifying and assigning tasks to the individual(s) who must take action.  

Read the full article with hc1.com and Medical Laboratory Observer here.

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