hc1.com client Northwest Radiology Network recently visited hc1 HQ for a three day extensive training seminar led by hc1.com Director of Client Analytics Matt Nagel. hc1 Business Intelligence Training offers hc1.com clients a chance to enjoy a tailored and personable training experience that gives their team the knowledge and guidance necessary to fully leverage the hc1.com Healthcare Cloud.

This three day training covered the following areas:

  • Report building
  • Dashboard creation
  • Data relationship creation
  • Groups and security
  • Dynamic Data Cloud overview


This exclusive training experience is just one component of a unique hc1.com client experience that ensures your team has a smooth road to activation as well as ongoing support and continuous improvement after activation. Here are some particular areas hc1.com clients enjoyed most about the training:

"Working with the hc1 team has been great. Everyone has been very friendly and has been open to new suggestions. Matt was a great instructor. It was clear that he knew the material and was excited to teach." - Robert Walters, NWR, Billing Instructor

"hc1 is going to provide us an incredible opportunity to take a mass of unrelated data and turn in not only into knowledge, but ultimately actionable wisdom. Matt's knowledge of statistics and the system is very impressive. It was a joy to attend the training and learn as much as we did. Thanks!" - Marty Buening, NWR, Director of IT

Thank you to Matt Nagel and the entire hc1.com team for another successful hc1.com Business Intelligence Training seminar and thank you to the Northwest Radiology Network team for being such a great team to work with!

Read more here on hc1.com and client Northwest Radiology Network.

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