As part of World of Watson in New York City, announced a new commercial partnership with IBM Watson. The hc1 Patient Insights app powered by IBM Watson uses Watson's cognitive computing technologies to analyze various data sources, including emails, social media, and surveys for personality insights. It then provides those insights to physicians and other care givers to increase patient retention, identify and address at-risk populations, and to help professionals deliver a personalized experience to every patient.

As a member of the IBM Watson developer ecosystem, presented hc1 Patient Insights at the inaugural World of Watson event, and were one of only 24 honored with this distinction. The event included presentations from leaders across IBM, IBM Watson, and other technology groups, as well as a hackathon and various other tech-focused activities.



Eskenazi Health, located in Indianapolis, was also a part of the event as the first organization to collaborate with the hc1 Patient Insights app powered by IBM Watson.

"With the hc1 app, our goal is to further tailor care by gaining insight into an individual patient's preferences," said Parveen Chand, COO, Eskenazi Health. "By better understanding our patient population, we're able to serve them in a more personalized, engaging manner. That could mean additional reminders regarding appointments, follow-ups regarding medication usage, or encouraging subsequent lab visits and testing."

Read IBM's press release here.

Read hc1's press release here.

Interested in bringing hc1 Patient Insights Powered by IBM Watson to your organization? Call 317-219-4646 today!

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