In my previous post, I touched on what makes hc1 Academy,'s Healthcare Relationship Management training program, different from your traditional implementation process. New clients receive an exclusive and personable experience that teaches them how to navigate and fully utilive the healthcare CRM and lab business intelligence features of our solution.

The hc1 Academy is:

  • Proactive
    • Your project team will be introduced to our training team within the earliest stages of your activation process.
    • You will have an opportunity to share your concerns and the modes in which you expect to use the solution during the initiation stage of your activation project so that we can plan appropriately for your specific training needs.
    • Your system administrators and project team will have immediate access to your tenant as well as a sandbox environment in order to familiarize themselves with the solution and make more informed choices about the structure of your organization’s information.


  • Flexible & Adaptable
    • Train how and where you want to. Join us at HQ for a face-to-face training session, or log onto the hc1 Academy website and learn how to build BI dashboards from your home office.
    • Our training team understands and works with different adult learning styles. If you prefer to read and then apply your knowledge, you will have access to both a user manual and a sandbox that allow to view our solution and test out what you’ve learned. Visual and auditory learners can opt to log on to the interactive virtual academy, attend onsite training, or sign into GoToMeeting where your team is the only team present.
    • Use any one training method or a combination of them to ensure that your team is up-to-speed and ready to get the most value from your investment from day one.


  • Customizable
    • Take advantage of role-specific learning paths to gain the knowledge you need when you need it. Training paths have been designed based on business roles and product editions.
    • What if the pre-defined learning paths aren’t meeting your needs? Just let us know what you need help with, and we’ll ensure that it’s covered.


  • Dynamic
    • is not a static solution and, therefore, neither is the hc1 Academy. As our solution changes, so does our training. As your business needs change, so does our training.
    • We also aim to keep you as informed as possible about the latest features and product improvements by providing our release notes on the hc1 Academy blog. Learn what we’ve been doing to improve whenever it’s convenient for you.


  • Simple
    • Forget the red tape of pre-set course descriptions. Tell us what you need from your training experience and we will provide it. Our clients’ success is our number one priority. Our training tools are simple and intuitive to use and because your needs are our focus, we seek your feedback throughout the training process and we utilize that feedback to improve our solution, training tools, and service.


To get started with, and enjoy the hc1 Academy experience, contact us today.

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