In a recent article by Vinod Khosia of CNN Money titled, "Technology will replace 80% of what doctors do" many quotes (which can be seen below) point toward one central theme: Data-driven healthcare will help those healthcare leaders receptive to technology perform their jobs better.

This theme aligns with the Healthcare Relationship Management solution and why lab leaders are adopting it faster than any other lab management solution.

"Healthcare should become more about data-driven deduction and less about trial-and-error. Next-generation medicine will utilize more complex models of physiology, and more sensor data than a human MD could comprehend."

-NeoGenomics uses to improve productivity, reduce error rates, and lower cost per test. "Healthcare is quickly moving to a highly connected, elecronic world. Those who don't embrace it will quickly be left behind."-Doug VanOort, CEO, NeoGenomics.

"Much of what physicians do can be done better by sensors, passive and active data collection, and analytics."

-With a real-time pulse on each provider's specific needs and their lab's performance, South Bend Medical Foundation has created a formula for winning more clients and serving them for life. "Now more than ever, our success depends on gaining immediate access to client intelligence in the field and in the office."- Bob King, Sevior VP, South Bend Medical Foundation

"Technology compensates for human deficiences and amplifies our strengths."

-Lab executives use to make decisions with confidence because they know they have the intelligence needed to turn reactive issue management into proactive problem-solving.

"'s about building relationships between providers and patients."

-This is what it's all about isn't it? With, your lab is able to immediately access real-time, actionable information covering every facet of the client relationship from a single location. Know your client's issues have been resolved before walking into the next meeting, rather than learning about it directly from them.

See these quotes and the full article here.

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