As a leader of a healthcare organization, don't you want to save time, money, and be stress free? According to this article by Scott Good of Forbes, titled "Why Healthcare Must Embrace Cloud Computing," by 2015 all healthcare companies will need to start making the switch to cloud based solutions. As a leader of a healthcare organization, if you haven't already done so, the time to adopt a cloud-based solution is now.

Also according to  this article, MaretandMarket states that only 4% of the healthcare industry is using cloud computing. This statistic means adoption is slow, but it also means you can put your laboratory or radiology practice ahead of the curve.

So what's holding you back? It takes too long? It's too much of a hassle? Unlike software based systems, there is no need for installation or up front costs with the cloud based healthcare specific CRM solution. gives you and other leaders in your organization instant access to actionable intelligence. You can gain access to this intelligence on many different devices so you and your organization can receive real time alerts no matter where you are at.

Those Devices Include:

- Smart Phones

- Tablets

- Computers

Benefits of switching to the healthcare-specific cloud-based solution:

- You will win more clients and keep them for life by delivering the highest level or service

- Your employees will gain back hours of productivity with instant access to a 360-degree view of every provider

- Your executives will confidently make decisions with healthcare-specific business intelligence and real-time alerts that uncover the underlying cause of issues

The cloud is here to stay for healthcare, and the benefits of utilizing a healthcare CRM solution specifically designed for your laboratory or radiology practice are out there. So what are you waiting for?


For more information on cloud-based computing, view this 2-minute video.

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