The tour continues as we go on-site with clients to see how they have been using for everyday activities as well as how will position them for the future. Early last week, we stopped at Manhattan Labs in Pine Brook, NJ to catch up with CEO Ken Cerney and CIO Tom Hitchcock.

About Manhattan Labs:

Manhattan Labs is the premier concierge lab that provides the highest level of service in the marketplace. They strive to be a true partner with physicians through their tailored service offerings: Excellent service, Signature Tests & Panels, Business Intelligence & Healthcare Relationship Management, and Strategic Partnerships. They currently have 4 lab locations (New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut, and Long Island) and perform 1.5 million billable tests annually.

Background with

Before, Manhattan Labs was in need of a solution that could organize and centralize the data needed to support premier client relationships. This was crucial to them achieving and sustaining a level of service that physicians recognize and appreciate. For CEO Ken Cerney, he knew Manhattan Labs had premium positioning among high end physicians, but lacked real-time client visibility. He and his team also had difficulty ensuring that all operations, service, and sales personnel were coordinated, which ultimately led to service issues.

With, Ken now has real-time access to a comprehensive view of client relationships. There is a total understanding of all tasks being performed to deliver superior client service and he now plans to offer client-facing access in the future to better manage patient population. From a sales perspective, Manhattan Labs sales reps now have total visibility into an account before going into a cold call or site visit. also provides the team with daily monitoring and trending stats on their clients' volume and turn-around-time.

With Healthcare Relationship Management, Manhattan Labs achieves:

  • Superior service through roles-based insight and a 360-degree view of all clinical and business activities
  • Organizational growth and operational efficiencies
  • Organization among multiple LIS systems (multiple lab locations and new acquisitions)


Manhattan Labs was recently featured in the Dark Daily for their use of Healthcare Relationship Management and Business Intelligence through mobile devices. See the full article here.

Thanks again to Ken Cerney, Tom Hitchcock, and the entire Manhattan Labs team for letting us visit and learn more about their laboratory!


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